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VRG 3 - Bush Master

The VRG-3: BM BT-XF PEREGRINE™ BUSHMASTER is a platinum-class bi-metal bullet with flat meplat frontal design, using a mechanical initiator (patent pending) for deployment - consequently resulting in 100% functioning irrespective of shot placement. Tests show astonishing results on soft- and thick-skinned animals - the single most outstanding characteristic of the PEREGRINE™ Bushmaster being its consistency and almost constant weight retention over the velocity spectrum. At the high end, 100% retention at 3000 ft/sec. velocity range with perfect three times diameter expansion from typical magnum type rifles is not uncommon. At the low end, at 2000 ft/sec. velocity range, almost the same expansion is achieved. Consistent expansion, without failure allows for maximum transfer of energy with less meat damage - meaning larger entry wounds, better penetration and the least collateral effect on game behind the target animal. The meplat design is also less affected than spitzer bullets when hitting twigs or brush.

The PEREGRINE™ BUSHMASTER bullet has arrived, with unequaled knockdown power whilst holding together at high velocities, i.e. > 2600 ft/sec.

--Ballistic coefficient data--