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Scenar and Scenar-L

From their original introduction in the mid-1980s, the record-breaking Lapua Scenar bullets have continued to evolve. From their smashing debut as the new standard in competitive bullets, they have been further refined. In 2011, we introduced the new ScenarL line, starting with the 6.5mm 105. Exactly the same in design as the original Scenar line, the L family has been taken to an even higher level of consistency via a series of revolutionary manufacturing and quality control techniques. The result is a true marvel of consistency in every measurable aspect. Tighter weight tolerances, tighter diameter and jacket wall standards and incredibly consistent ogive measurements all combine to produce an amazingly accurate match bullet. Once again, Lapua has not only set the standard, but now raised the bar. With the overwhelmingly positive responses we received to the introduction of the 6mm 105 Scenar-L , the line has been expanded for 2012 to include the 6mm 90 grain Scenar-L , and the 69 and 77 grain 22 caliber ScenarL ’s. Ideal for High Power competition in either Service or Match Rifles, these precision made projectiles deliver the ultimate in accuracy. Like the original 6mm 105 Scenar, these new additions will give you the most extraordinarily accurate and dimensionally consistent “out of the box” bullets on the market, anywhere. In keeping with the design of the original 6mm 105 Scenar, these new additions will be readily identifiable from their standard ScenarL ’s counterparts by the Lapua logo impressed into the base of the bullet. That shield assures you that you’re loading the finest, most precisely made and uniform bullets n the world. Whether you’re shooting High Power, Long Range, F-Class, Silhouette or CISM, the Lapua Scenars give you the winning advantage going into the match. The rest is up to you.

 --Ballistic coefficient data--