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TAC Vector Rifle Scopes

At Ballista Arms we see the following as essential scope features:

  • 1st Focal Plane - Reticule magnifies with magnification adjustment.
  • 30 mm monotube - For wider elevation and windage to allow for long-range shots.
  • 0.1 Mil-Rad turrets - Metric angular unit relating to 10mm @ 100m, 20mm @200m etc. (Per click).
  • Mil-Rad type reticule (Horus is our favorite).
  • Stiff turrets with audible clicks that ensures repeatability.

These essentials will ensure that a sport-shooter can take multiple consecutive shots on different targets at different distances with the minimum arithmetic by eliminating MOA and magnification conversion factors. With the turrets and the reticule in the same metric units, the shooter can decide if he wants to hold-off on the reticule or dial the desired elevation.

For some reason, most of the telescopes available today have totally impractical turret-reticule combinations and are mostly 2nd focal plane. This makes it tedious for the amateur shooter to buy the correct scope for his application and there are too many variants to choose from. Only the high-end military-grade scopes have these essential features, but at a market price of R 20 000 and up it is not available to the average shooter.

We are excited to supply a telescope range that is an alternative in the mid-price range that has all the essential features and many other nice to haves!  We have field tested various TAC Vector Optics scopes on  375 and 30-06 caliber rifles- in competitions and long-range field shooting, and we are totally satisfied with the build, repeatability, lens quality and sturdiness.

Please contact Jaco on or  081 562 6747for more information.