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.338 Balistix RBT Target (Contact for Availability)

.338 Balistix RBT Target (Contact for Availability)

R 300.00

Balistix RBT Target BC & Twist Rate

Calibre Bullet Weight Bullet Type G1 BC G7 BC Barrel
Stability Factor (SG)
Sea Level @20DegC
Stability Factor (SG)
Highveld (1400m)
@ 20DegC
.243" 75gr RBT Target 0.34 0.17 10 1.22 1.41
.243" 85gr RBT Target 0.40 0.20 8 1.45 1.72
.264" 115gr RBT Target 0.49 0.24 9 1.64 1.93
.264" 125gr RBT Target 0.52 0.26 8 1.44 1.7
.277" 130gr RBT Target 0.48 0.24 10 1.57 1.85
.284" 140gr RBT Target 0.50 0.25 9 1.39 1.64
.308" 155gr RBT Target 0.44 0.22 12 1.34 1.58
.308" 165gr RBT Target 0.47 0.23 11 1.49 1.76
.308" 175gr RBT Target 0.50 0.25 10 1.65 1.95
.338" 250gr RBT Target 0.64 0.32 10 1.48 1,75
.365" / 9.3mm 230gr RBT Target (Solid) 0.43 0.21 14 1.78 2.11
.375" 250gr RBT Target (Solid) 0.44 0.22 14 1.83 2.16
.375" (CheyTac) 375gr RBT Target 0.89 0.44 10 1.5 1.78


1. Bullet Manufacturing

  • Consistent geometry (CNC manufactured).
  • Mid SAAMI tolerance on diameter (± 3,5 Micron (µm) maximum on manufacturing).

2. Technical Features of Bullet

2.1 Material

  • Pure copper (>99,5% copper).
  • Environmentally friendly (lead free).
  • Aligned with international trends (embargo on leaded ammunition).
  • Specific gravity of pure copper is 10 – 15% less than equivalent lead core bullets. The monolithic bullet is lighter than the equivalent length lead core bullet, therefore increased velocity is achievable.
  • By selecting the appropriate monolithic bullet for a given twist rate, a flatter trajectory may be achievable compared to the lead core alternative. Follow manufacturer’s recommendation on selecting an appropriate bullet weight for the rifle’s twist rate.

2.2 Rebated Boat Tail

  • Deflected gas flow away from the bullet during bullet exit at crown, ensuring less turbulent gas conditions in front of the bullet.
  • Up to 15% increase in precision and accuracy compared to conventional boat tail design.
  • Flat base bullet precision and accuracy with boat tail BC benefits.
  • Boat tail angle conforms to the popular industrial standard for optimised BC.

2.3 Ogive

  • Tangent Ogive design which is less “jump” sensitive.
  • Ogive is not off a “bore rider” design, i.e. the ogive engages with the lands.
  • Bullet is “tunable” for precision (i.e. jump adjustable).
  • Bullet position in case can be measured with ogive comparator tools.
  • Both a “target” and “hunting” ogive designs available. Same impact point.

2.4 Bearing Surface

  • Designed within SAAMI tolerances.
  • Improved low friction drive band design which results in:
    – Minimum copper fouling
    – Low pressure characteristics

3. Hexagonal Boron Nitrate (HBN)

Hexagonal Boron Nitrate is widely used in industrial applications due to its excellent dry lubricating properties and ultra-high-temperature abilities. Hexagonal Boron Nitrate has the best combination of high temperature resistance and lubricating properties, out of all solid lubricants available today.

3.1 Excellent Lubrication

  • HBN application results in less fouling and less pressure compared to untreated monolithic bullets.
  • Reduced extreme velocity spread and therefore improved precision and accuracy.
  • Improved accuracy between cold bore and follow-up shots. Further reduces elevation dispersion.

Balistix “Target” Bullet:
Target bullets are solid bullets without any expansion capability. These bullets are NOT intended for hunting EXCEPT for the 9.3mm and .375 bullets that are considered “SOLID” bullets and may be used for dangerous game hunting. Target bullets are also used as a more cost effective alternative for developing loads to be used on the Balistix HunTac & Ultra Hunt bullets.
G1 BC:
Mathematically calculated at Mach 2.5. G1 BC is derived from a flat base design model and should not be used for long range ballistic trajectory calculations. G1 BC is however sufficient for short range (up to 300m) shooting.
G7 BC:
Mathematically calculated at Mach 2.5. G7 BC should preferably be used for a boat tail bullet design therefore more applicable to Balistix bullets.
Actual BC:
Please note that actual BC is drastically influenced by muzzle velocity and atmospheric conditions. Please follow the procedure on our website in order to determine the exact BC for your rifle.
A Rebated Boat Tail bullet combines flat base bullet accuracy properties with boat tail BC enhancements. International studies have shown that a Rebated Boat Tail design can yield an increase in accuracy of up to 15% compared to conventional boat tail designs.
SG (Gyroscopic Stability Factor):
SG < 1.0 = unstable and should not be used.
SG 1.0 to 1,5 = marginally stable*. This is a “grey zone” and tests with your rifle and bullet combination will reveal a stability problem or not.
SG > 1,5 = perfectly stabilised.
* Please note that marginally stable does not mean the bullet will not shoot well. If your bullet holes are perfectly round/symmetrical on a paper target it implies that the bullet is stabilised in your rifle. If you note any form of “key holing” on your target, at any distance, then your rifle and or environmental shooting conditions are not suitable for our bullet.
Balistix Information File Version:
Information and product may change without notice. Please check web page regularly for latest revision. 

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