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PARD 007s (available on EFT only)

PARD 007s (available on EFT only)

R 8,500.00 R 9,000.00

Clip On Night Vision Rifle Scope PARD NV007S

This is the new PARD NV007S Digital Clip On Night Vision Rifle Scope and we really like it, it is the Market Leading Clip on Device.

This is the NEW S model.

Improvements over the A model include:

  • Shorter Design for Better Eye Relief.
  • Increased Range.
  • Improved Resolution.
  • Improved Design Layout.
  • 850-Normal or 940nm-Stealth IR Illuminator options.
  • Improved Collar Design for Rifle Scopes.
  • Waterproof IP67.

The in-built IR torch (either 850nm or 940nm) is very good just by itself so it is a total complete unit that is effective at night time hunting ranges.

This scope attaches to the rear of your normal day scope, transforming it into a Night Scope.

It can be quickly removed to return the day scope to normal and of course as your scope hasn’t changed Zero, the Zero is still the same.

850nm-Normal or 940nm-Stealth?

850nm is the standard IR Illuminator, this has the small red glow and may be seen by some animals. 850nm gives the most range out of the 2 options.

940nm is a higher wavelength and is not visible to animals and it is sometimes called stealth or covert – it doesn’t have the red glow, but the trade off is less range.

Can I have both? – No, not in the 007S itself, you can however use an external torch in the other wavelength to cover all your bases of range, size and stealth.

The Pard NV007S Night Vision Unit – sets a new benchmark amongst other rear NV add ons, with 1080P colour for daytime use and 1080P night time viewing, MP4 video recording, 18650 lithium ion battery power and a compact powerful inbuilt illuminator gives amazing value and performance for money. Rapid attachment to your day scope.

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